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Sunday session in the wild wild west with Naid and Myza.

Sneak peak of my work for Facial Recognition @ Grayscale Gallery

This is just a little detail of one of the works I am painting for the "Facial Recognition" exhibition at Grayscale Gallery. The show opens this Thursday at 6:30pm and features some amazing artists, Sean Perrins, ben, Ling Bot and Kabelo Gift.
Check out the link below for more info.

Painting London, Day 7, Stockwell

For my last day of painting in London we returned to Stockwell to paint one of the big walls with Tizer and Dep and 2 guys from Japan. I only had a few hours on the wall so I just put up a character and didn't get to stick around to take photos of the final production.
Big up to SoloOne for hooking up in a big way while I was in London.

Brighton for a day.

Painting London, Day 6, Alexandra Palace

Painting London 2011, Day 5. Portebello Road.

Painting London 2011, Day 4. Shoreditch.

Painting London 2011, Day 3. Mile End skatepark.

This day Solo took me to east London to paint at the Mile End skatepark spot. There are big boards around the perimeter of the park that writers can paint freely. I decided to try something new on this one, doing a letter style with the "A" as a character.

Painting London 2011, Day 2. Leak Street.

Painting London 2011, Day 1. Stockwell.

This is my first wall in London, it's at the world famous Stockwell Hall of Fame. Painted it with Solo1 on a perfect english summer day.