Rasty was first introduced to graffiti in 1999 through the Hip Hop culture, at a night club in down town Johannesburg he saw South African graffiti legends Gogga, Mak1one and Falko painting big murals on the walls. Having always been an artistic youth he was instantly attracted to the amazing and infinite possibilites that graffiti presented him with. The boldness of the size and colour as well as the freedom that painting walls in the street gives you captured him in a way that no other art form had done and he has dedicated his life to it completely ever since.
Rasty has always been fascinated with cartoon and comic illustrations so it was natural for him to carry this over into his graffiti. Although he does paint letter styles he has placed most of his focus on painting characters, developing his own signature style over the years. After painting cartoon-like charcaters for a number of years Rasty discovered the photo-realistic graffiti style and began to experiment with copying portraits and other realistic imagery. Taking what he has learnt through practising both these styles individually he has started to bring the two together continueing the evolution of the Rasty style.

Pressure Control Projects was created through the meeting of two Johannesburg graffiti artists, Rasty and Curio. Having met in 2003 and painted together a number of times they discovered that they had the solid foundations needed to start a graffiti crew, they shared common ideas about graffiti and their styles worked well together, so in 2004 the PCP Crew was formed.
Later that year at a graffiti jam in Cape Town, Rasty and Curio were introduced to travelling German graffiti artist Angel, they painted together and a friendship was formed. When Angel moved to South Africa in 2006 he joined the crew and completed the trio that is PCP.
Over the years the PCP Crew have continuously developed their original styles individually and as a crew as well as establishing a high standard of graffiti that the younger generation of graffiti artist can aspire to and the general public can appreciate and respect.
PCP do commissioned artwork for both the corporate and private sectors that range from 200m² murals to live painting on temporary walls at live events and parties. They have worked on projects for clients that include Nokia, Sprite, Nike, Absa, LG, Levis, Converse, Adidas and Porsche.
In 2007 the crew began importing Montana, a german developed spraypaint manufactured specifically for graffiti artists. With the necessity to have an outlet for this product they opened Grayscale, a one-stop shop for anyone doing graffiti or other forms of street art. Situated in Braamfontein, the new creative hub of central Johannesburg, the store quickly became known as the destination for anyone interested in anything related to urban art. Three years later Grayscale moved into a new premises nextdoor from the old shop, a bigger space that allowed for the opening of the Grayscale Gallery. The gallery presents monthly exhibitions of various artforms that have their routes in the street and sub-cultures. Shows range from graffiti to illustrations, prints to sculpture, and provides a platform to young emerging artists that dont fit in to the conventional fine art world.
Through these avenues, PCP and Grayscale aim to inspire and enable the youth to find ways to express themselves while at the same time educate and inform the older generations about these new forms of self-expression.