Painting London 2011, Day 2. Leak Street.

Accompanied again by my host Solo1, Day 2 of painting saw us going to Leak St. in Waterloo, central London. This is the place where Banksy hosted the Cans Festival a few years back. It is a big tunnel used by pedestrians that has been designated as a legal graffiti area, it is also a great spot to paint when it's raining like it was this day. There are all types of people using the tunnel from rich business men to school kids to homeless drunks, we even got to chat to some Bobby's on the beat. You never know how long the piece is going to last though, could be a day, could be a few weeks but it seems like this is something the writers here are quite used to. Photos are essential.

Chilling with the Fuzz, gotta get that money shot!